1. Poland with its healthy and stable economy

In the 2012 edition of Ernst & Young, Poland achieved 7thplace in the world in the investment attractiveness. From 1990 to 2015, Poland has experienced the biggest GDP increase per capita among European and OECD countries. The growth was over 700%.

2. Innovation’s biggest strenghts

  • broadband penetration 
  • innovation friendly environment 
  • opportunity driven entrepreneurship 
  • increasing non-R%D innovation expenditures 
  • great tertiary education 
  • employment fast growing enterprises of innovative sectors 

3. Poland? Dynamically growing R&D market

The growth in Polish R&D personnel is significant and is the fastest among “new” EU members at almost 10% CAGR. It is now more than 260 000 and still increasing!

4. Appealing to the best in the world

Over 600 international conglomerates have set up their shared-services entities here in Poland, many of which are dedicated mostly to R&D activities. Among them you can find the biggest and most innovative companies in the world, such as Amazon, Intel, Samsung, nVidia, TomTom, TMobile, UBS or Ericcsson, Boeing, IKEA, Siemens and many others. 

5. IP data protection and security based on US and EU standards

Poland takes data security very seriously. As a member of the EU, it introduced the General Data Protection Regulation with success.

• Growing foreign investments as % of GERD (GERD – Gross Domestic Expenditure on R&D)

6. Growing foreign investments as % of GERD (GERD – Gross Domestic Expenditure on R&D)

• 7% share of foreign funds in R&D funding sources

• 4,7% share of the European Commission funds

• 17,6 % of all R&D entities use European Commission funds

7. With Poles you feel like home – same ethics and culture of work

Polish people work and manage their tasks in a very similar manner to the countries that outsource their R&D activities abroad, such as the US, France or Germany. This is one of the main reasons why communication is pleasant and easy whilst working on projects outsourced to Poland.

8. Reasonable labour costs (when compared to US and Western Europe).

Labour cost and subcontracting prices in Poland tend to be lower than those you may experience in countries that are most interested in outsourcing R&D activities, which is why Poland is so attractive for them.

9. Attractive tax incentives (low inflation, low CIT, special economic zones)

10. Leading world ranks in foreign trade!

According to the World Bank’s Doing Business Report, Poland is the number one country for foreign trade! It reflects our open mindset and willingness to work with international partners.

11. Major European financial centers at your fingertips

Many Polish cities like Krakow and Katowice are special economic zones. It means that they grant special income tax exemptions, technology incubation, land and more to the companies that are willing to invest their money in those cities, because the market is highly oriented on innovative technologies.

12. Poles speak English very well

Poles in general, and particularly Polish researchers speak English really well. Poland is ranked 11thout of 80 countries on the English Proficiency Index, meaning overall high proficiency.

13. Agile methodologies and approach are well known

If searching for a team that is highly skilled in Agile methodologies, you mustn’t skip Polish teams, which are known to be proficient in Agile, and Poland is also home to some of the most important Agile events like the ACE! Conference.

14. Reasonable time zone differences

Fortunately, Poland is located near to many countries that outsource a lot of their software development. This means that the time zone differences are relatively small even considering USA – in some cities, the difference doesn’t exceed 6 hours.

15. Extremely skilled researches

Researchers from Poland are extremely skilled and well educated. Higher (tertiary) education is both very well developed and accessible, and the academic atmosphere creates an unconstrained, invention-friendly environment for the researchers to work. At the same time, an entrepreneurial mindset running in the country’s culture keeps them focused on business goals that have been set in front of them. 

16. Poland is a part of the European Union regulatory structures

With Poland being a part of broader European Union regulatory structures is a considerable, very attractive factor for companies that wish to outsource their R&D activities and are searching for the best possible place to make port.

17. Poland is a huge, fully potential market itself

With about 40 million potential customers, who are relatively young and interested in technology, and its dynamic and active economy, Poland may be considered as an important target market by many companies.

18. Polish people know how to „wheel and deal”

One of the most valuable traits of Polish researchers is their well-known ability to find solutions to many problems. Due to many challenging times in Poland’s past, Poles have learned how to deal with almost any issue you can think of, and it has become a sort of a national speciality.